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Our Commitment

If it involves Youth Sports, it concerns BSW. Our goal is to strengthen the foundations of sports in order to secure their future. Our selfish desires to support and promote athletics from within makes BSW a firm like no other.


Our Coverage

Many organized-agency clients retain us for an entire sporting season to have peace of mind in having a Law Firm on standby. Other clients utilize our services "as-needed". Whatever your situation, BSW has you covered.


Our Range

While BSW is physically located in South Texas and provides its services across the State, we have relationships with law firms throughout North America and in several countries. Wherever you need us, BSW is there.

What We Do



Meet Attorney Bruce

Brucie-Bruce Loves the Kids!

Before becoming a lawyer, BSW's founder Bruce Luckett held varying professional titles that involved children, sports, or both. Juvenile Justice Instructor, Grade School Teacher, Mentor, Middle School Basketball; Little League Baseball; and Youth Soccer Coach, are just a few. 

Youth Sports Law? Yep, It's Our Thing.

Bruce is the parent of athletes and sports fanatics. After his children inherited his love of sports, it motivated him to create a legal niche at the purest level of athletics. Whether they're actually participating or protesting a blown call on tv, his kids are the inspiration behind BSW.

Wait, NO One Else Does This?

It's a rare weekend when you don't find Bruce near a dugout or in the stands of a youth sporting event. Likewise, every member of our staff has some direct, independent connection to Youth Sports. BSW is beyond passionate about its unique practice area so, unlike multi-practice firms, it's the only thing we do. 

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